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As a technology-based company, MCC (Microcell Composite Company) always insists on outstanding product quality, the unceasing dedication of R&D, and the continuous accumulation of professional capabilities for helping our customers to succeed in the rapidly changing global market.

Protecting our environment is part of the social responsibility of every enterprise. MCC pays back to its customers by providing them with the most professional technologies and innovative TPE product line, as well as strives to perfect each link in the chain of environmental protection. MCC develops products that are friendly to the Earth and can be recycled, bringing environmental protection principles directly to production processes and indirectly helping downstream manufacturers to conserve energy. To maintain customers satisfaction, we test and analysis our materials/products at our own laboratory. On the other hand, to resolve any possible questions or problems from customers rapidly, we encourage customers to perform independent correlative analysis to understand product quality.


MCC’s mission is to research, develop and manufacture Eco-friendly anti-concussion, sound insulation, and protection foaming materials. In the past, the high technology materials were imported from abroad. This resulted in higher prices and longer delivery time. As the demand for more Eco-friendly products and the desire to have a higher living standard to grow, we believe that MCC will stand out as the original materials supplier in this industry. As we achieve our goals and strengthen our local Taiwanese roots, MCC would like to show our sincerity and continuously make every effort to strengthen gains in Taiwan.

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