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CELLwood --- The forest plan in the cities

It is unique eco-friendly wood made from 100% copolymer foaming

Leave trees to the Nature, and forests to the earth

Using CELLwood will prevent deforestation, reduce the soil erosion, and purify the air.  TPE, a high-tech environmentally friendly materials, is a copolymer and also called thermal plastic elastomer.  With innovative foam technology, TPE is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly material.

Completely made by Taiwan: Taiwan's brand, Taiwan's manufacture, and Taiwan's technology

Green building material -- CELLwood

We get the Green concept and Eco awareness from Taiwan, trying to spread the concept and awareness to the world and make the Earth more eco-friendly.

Why choose CELLwood

1. CELLwood is the most like real wood with the feel of the innovative material
    in the WPC field.
2. CELLwood made from 100% pure plastics; conventional WPC
    (wood plastic composite) made of wood power and plastic. There is no
    thermal shock, water permeability appearance after long-term application.
3. CELLwood is produced by compression foaming technology, which could be
    easier to tailor to variety density comparing to variety real wood. There is
    no way by conventional WPC..
4. CELLwood could be composed of complete wood vein transparently with
    realistic texture; but not conventional WPC could be.
5. CELLwood is a solid wood which could be post-processed into a variety of
    wood products with broad range application; but not that conventional WPC
    made by extrusion die which constrain the profile of products.
6. The density of CELLwood is lighter than water, which is suitable for using in
    a water environment.
7. CELLwood with anti-slippage characteristics (TPE’s); but not like
    the conventional WPC(PE/PP/PVC/PS )is slippery in water surroundings. 

What CELLwood offer: 

1. 100% eco-friendly and recyclable, without any wood flour or sawdust.

2. 100% waterproof.

3. 100% anit-slip

4. Easy installation & maintenance

5. Suitable to be used for the activities indoor and outdoor.

6. The component with high quality features that the density is similar to the    wood (D:0.6~0.7 g/cm3) and light.

7. The processing is similar to the general timber, e.g.: shave, saw, trim, nail,   drill, wash and grind.

8. Strong rigidity and durability. (Similar to teak)

9. Thermal process is easily executed to be blended to have various shapes of the materials.

10. Nontoxic, VOC free


CELLwood can be used in any Frigid or Torrid zones.

The best temperature for CELLwod is between  -30°C~90°C

  • indoor & outdoor: boardwalk, hardwood floor
  • Landscape architecture and renovation: landscape, gardens, fences, and railings
  • Humid environment and facilities: bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, and related facilities
  • Furnisings, wooden crafts .
  •  For tooling industrial building molds.
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